Notice on carrying out the review work of provincial archives series titles in 2022
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Source: Archives Bureau of Qinghai Province

    Notice on carrying out the review work of provincial archives series titles in 2022

    Municipal and state human resources and Social security bureaus, archives bureaus, ministries and commissions of the Provincial Party Committee, organs and units directly under the provincial government, people's organizations, enterprises and institutions, provincial archives, archives of various professions (departments) :

    In order to seriously do a good job in 2022 provincial archives series of professional title evaluation,According to the requirements of the "Measures for the Management of professional Title Evaluation in Qinghai Province" (issued by the Qingren Society (2022) 115) and the "Notice of the Qinghai Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department on doing a good job in the evaluation of professional titles in 2022" (Letter of the Qingren Society Department (2022) 600),The matters related to the review of provincial archives series titles in 2022 are hereby notified as follows:

    1. Scope of review Scope of personnel applying for archives series titles: on-the-job professional and technical personnel engaged in archives work at all levels in the province, enterprises and institutions, social groups and other organizations (including professional and technical personnel for youth aid)。It does not include civil servants, personnel managed according to the Civil service Law, teachers engaged in archival teaching in various colleges and universities, and retired personnel。

    2. Evaluation criteria 全省档案系列职称评审工作按照《青海省人力资源和社会保障厅Archives Bureau of Qinghai Province关于印发 <青海省关于深化档 案专业人员职称制度改革实施方案>和 <青海省档案系列 专业技术人员职称评价标准 (试行)>的通知》 (青人社 厅发〔2020〕134号)中有关规定执行。The evaluation criteria for archival series titles can be found on the official website of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security ( Query, query path: Home page - Title policy。 

    Iii. Application and evaluation methods and procedures

    (1) Application and evaluation method The evaluation of professional titles is carried out online in the whole process. Applicants, employers, competent departments, human resources and social security departments and evaluation committees have all adopted the "Professional Title Application and Review Management System" (website :http://rst) ZCGL) for online declaration, review, review, certification, inquiry and other matters, no longer carry out offline declaration and review work。

    (2) Application and review procedures 

    1.Individual declaration。Professional and technical personnel engaged in archives professional and technical work in all kinds of enterprises and institutions in our province must declare the title of the employer that has signed the labor (employment) contract (establishment of labor relations), and declare the title of the affiliated unit, once verified, cancel the declaration qualification or existing title, and deal with it in accordance with the relevant provisions。

    Professional and technical personnel working in private enterprises in our province (enterprises registered in our province),Professional and technical personnel whose personnel file relationship is not managed at the location of the work unit,Have a formal employment contract or labor contract with the employer,And participate in the social insurance of the workplace for more than one year,Can be through the current work unit,Declare titles according to the prescribed procedures。 

    The employer is responsible for establishing a declaration account for the applicant, guiding the applicant to log in to the "Title Declaration Review Management System" using 360 speed browser or Google browser, fill in the declaration information within the specified time according to the declaration requirements, and scan and upload the electronic certification materials as required。The applicant shall upload the personal materials clearly and accurately, the format shall meet the requirements, and the situation of missing or misreporting shall be avoided. The consequences resulting therefrom shall be borne by the applicant himself。Confidential information shall be subject to the relevant provisions of confidentiality management and shall not be uploaded to the declaration system。

    Individual industrial and commercial households and freelancers engaged in archival professional and technical work shall, in accordance with the territorial principle, be responsible for the creation of their accounts by the local county (city, district, and bank commission) human resources and social security department, and directly report their titles to the county (city, district, bank commission) human resources and social security department。

    2.Unit recommendation。The applicant's unit and its competent department shall strictly check and complete the examination and recommendation of the applicant's information in accordance with the management authority and process, and do a good job of public publicity step by step as required, and the publicity time shall not be less than 5 working days。Candidates who have no objection to the public disclosure and have been approved and recommended by the audit shall be reported step by step according to the title review management authority。Those who practice fraud or report and verify that there is a problem shall be disqualified from reporting and recorded in the credit system。If the unit to which the applicant belongs has lax control, violated the prescribed procedures or provided false certification materials for the applicant, the relevant personnel shall be investigated for their responsibilities according to the seriousness of the circumstances。

    3.Step-by-step audit。Each employer shall strictly examine and check the applicant's work experience, performance ability and relevant supporting materials, complete the review of papers and works, certificate verification, and authenticity identification of performance before recommendation, and be responsible for the authenticity and effectiveness of the applicant's declaration materials and compliance with the recommendation procedure。Competent industry departments at all levels, professional title review agencies and human resources and social security departments shall conscientiously review the application materials in accordance with the relevant provisions and professional title management authority。The application materials do not meet the prescribed conditions,The applicant shall be informed of all the contents and the time limit for correction by way of return modification at one time,Overdue rectification, The declaration shall be deemed to have been abandoned;Do not meet the application conditions, evaluation conditions, do not submit according to the prescribed procedures, without or not in accordance with the provisions of public disclosure, falsification, in violation of the entrusted evaluation procedures submitted or other do not meet the title policy provisions of the declaration materials,Problems should be noted and promptly returned,The employer shall inform the applicant。

    4.Organizational review。The evaluation committees of professional titles at all levels shall carry out the evaluation work within the prescribed evaluation authority and the professional scope of evaluation。The office of the title review committee at all levels shall, 10 days before organizing the review, report the review situation and review plan to the human resources and social security department at the same level, and can organize the review after the review and approval。

    5.Public disclosure。After the review,Professional title evaluation committee offices at all levels, The evaluation results shall be timely fed back to the applicant's unit and its competent business department through the title evaluation system,The unit to which the applicant belongs, the competent business department, and the administrative office of the evaluation committee shall follow the publicity procedure,Make public announcements to the whole society on portal websites,Take the initiative to accept public supervision。During the publicity period, the reporting and complaint problems shall be investigated and verified by the administrative office of the judging committee jointly with the reporting unit, and accept the guidance and supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision department of the unit。If there is no objection to the publicity, according to the title management authority, the administrative body of the review committee will report the publicity results and the review results to the social department for approval and filing。

    4. Time arrangement 2022The annual provincial archives series title evaluation work starts from mid-January 2023 and ends in mid-March, the specific schedule is as follows:

    (1) In mid-January, the declaration and recommendation work will be carried out。The applicant logs in the title review system to fill in the declaration information, upload the supporting materials, and the employer and the competent department complete the recommendation, publicity, audit and other work step by step。 

    (2) Audit work will be carried out in mid-February。The administrative agencies of the professional title evaluation committee at all levels carry out the qualification examination of the applicant, and do a good job in the formulation of the evaluation plan, the supplement and adjustment of the professional title judge database and the summary of the audit。
     (3) In early March, the review work will be carried out。Organize the professional title evaluation committees at all levels to carry out online evaluation and public disclosure of evaluation results。

    V. Related matters

    (1) Post review before declaring the title of a public institution。Institutions that fully implement job management must fill in the Annual Review Form of Professional and Technical Post Employment in Qinghai Province in 2022 before recommending the application of intermediate and senior titles (Download path: Home page - Download column - Title Form),And according to the post set management authority to the same level of human and social departments to review the record of the unit's senior and intermediate title declaration amount,The title declaration and recommendation work of the unit shall be carried out within the amount of title declaration that has been reviewed and filed。Failure to review and record, professional title assessment agencies at all levels shall not accept professional title declaration materials。

    (2) The authority of professional title evaluation。Review authority according to professional title,In addition to Xining City, Haidong City has the authority to review the primary title of the archive series,Other cities, states and relevant units to declare file series of primary, intermediate and deputy senior titles and Xining City, Haidong City to declare file series of intermediate and deputy senior titles,The applicant shall apply to the junior title evaluation committee and senior title evaluation committee of Qinghai Provincial archives through the title evaluation system。

    (3) On continuing education。The applicant shall submit the "Qinghai Province Professional and Technical Personnel continuing education Learning File" formed by the province's continuing education platform review.。The duration and duration of continuing education training shall be implemented in accordance with the Notice of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security on Doing a good job in the Continuing Education of professional and Technical Personnel in 2022 (Letter of the Youth and Social Security Department (2022) No. 394) and relevant policies and regulations。Any training course on archival business held or attended shall not be approved if it has not passed the examination and filing by the competent department of archival industry and human resources and social security department。

    (4) The time for obtaining performance results and certificates。The performance of the applicant shall be counted from the following year after obtaining the current professional and technical qualification。The deadline for obtaining journals (monographs) containing papers and performance materials, certificates of scientific research achievements, award certificates, graduation certificates, etc. submitted by applicants is December 30, 2022。

    (5) Certificate of appointment。Professional and technical personnel of various enterprises and temporary personnel of public institutions need not provide employment certificates when they declare their titles;Professional and technical personnel of public institutions shall submit employment certificates or employment documents as required。

    (6) Verification of student status。Persons who have graduated after the class of 2002 and obtained various types of higher education graduation degree (degree) certificates recognized by the state shall submit the original certificate of education (degree) and the online verification report of the Ministry of Education when declaring their titles。Persons who graduated before the class of 2002 and obtained a higher education diploma (degree) certificate or a Party school diploma shall submit the original diploma (degree) certificate。Party school education and in the China Higher Education Student information Network failed to check the education (degree) personnel, must submit their school records, and stamped the official seal of the unit personnel department。

    (7) About the examination form。When the personnel of the public institution declare the title, except for special reasons, they should submit the "Professional and Technical Personnel Assessment Registration Form" or "Staff Assessment Registration Form" according to the required year, and other forms of proof are not recognized。When the personnel of the enterprise unit declare the title, they shall submit the annual examination form in accordance with the unified requirements of the enterprise。

    (8) About dissertations。Papers must be archives or related professional papers published in newspapers and periodicals published nationwide (with official publication numbers) since taking the current position. Papers published in supplements, special journals, special journals, etc., are not eligible for evaluation。Academic works must be published in archives (with official ISBN) or related professional works since taking the current position。Core periodicals must be uploaded to the "Chinese and Foreign Core Periodicals Inquiry System" ( retrieval page screenshot, other journals uploaded to the National Press and Publication Administration ( Publication search page or China National Knowledge network, Wanfang network search page。If the paper or work is co-authored, the applicant shall provide proof of the number of words completed or the amount of work completed (including written approval materials of the partner) and the chapter written by the applicant。For professional and technical personnel who publish more than one paper in a short period of time, more than two papers published in this journal, verification and verification should be strengthened, and the paper repetition rate is obviously not in line with the requirements, may not be treated according to performance。

    (9) Declaration of professional titles of poverty alleviation personnel。For the professional and technical personnel selected by the organization to help poverty alleviation and rural revitalization as the first secretary of the village and team members, who have been stationed in the village for more than 2 consecutive years (actual year), and have achieved remarkable results during the work in the village and have an excellent annual assessment, they can declare a first-level title one year in advance。The working years of the first secretary of the village and the team members during their stay in the village shall be regarded as the professional and technical work (tenure) years,The major research reports written by him that reflect his professional and technical level and ability (received positive instructions from the county Party Committee and the main leaders of the government) or the work results of the policies, regulations, planning and operating procedures that have been implemented in the county department written by him,Can be used as performance material for review。When the above personnel declare, they shall attach relevant corroborative information, and their units (dispatched units) shall strictly check and approve them, and take full responsibility for the authenticity of their work results and materials。

    (10) Declaration of professional titles of youth aid personnel。In accordance with the relevant political policies of the state and our province, qualified youth aid talents voluntarily declare their titles in our province, and are not restricted by the number of positions of the assisted units, and apply to the assisted units in our province。After passing the assessment of the support unit and agreeing to the recommendation,Fill in the evaluation form of professional and technical personnel title (log in the website of Qinghai Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department),Download in the "Professional title form" column),The organization personnel department and the competent department of the dispatched unit shall review the application materials for the title of the aid talents,After examination and approval,In the title evaluation form of "dispatched unit review opinions" column, sign the opinion of agreeing to declare and seal。Youth aid talents who work in the county (city, district, and administrative committee) and the departments directly under the city and state, The application materials shall be directly recommended by the recipient units and the competent departments to the municipal and state human resources and social security departments, The municipal and state human resources and social security department shall directly recommend the file series to the corresponding level of the evaluation committee for review in accordance with the management authority,No need to go through other procedures for approval or entrustment;Youth aid talents working in provincial departments,The application materials are directly recommended by the recipient unit and the competent department to the corresponding level of the evaluation committee of the file series for review。

    (11) Requirements on post definition and transfer series。The applicant shall be a professional and technical person engaged in the comprehensive management of archives in the unit or a professional and technical person engaged in the comprehensive management of archives in the front line。The current employment position of the personnel transferred to the archives series must be a comprehensive position of archives professional technology, and the major learned should be the same or similar to the archives major。The transfer series personnel shall submit the transfer series application form approved by the human resources and social security department to the archives series title evaluation committee for the record, and upload it to the relevant material proof column of the declaration system according to the declaration requirements。The professional and technical personnel who have obtained the professional title certificate of archives series and transferred to other series, and the transfer term is less than 3 years, shall not be transferred from other series to the scope of professional and technical titles of archives series again。

    (12) On delay of declaration。According to the "Interim Provisions on the Evaluation and Management of Professional Titles" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Order No. 40), serious violations of discipline in the qualification examination of professional and technical personnel, fraud or academic misconduct in the application process, from the date of recognition of the extension of 3 years to declare。For professional and technical personnel subject to Party discipline or administrative sanctions, the units to which they belong may, with reference to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Disciplinary Sanctions of the Communist Party of China and the Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Sanctions of Public Officials, delay the reporting within the prescribed time limit from the date of the disciplinary sanctions。

    (13) Requirements on the format of material upload

    1.The entrusted review letter and publicity materials issued by the unit are uploaded to the other materials column of the declaration system。

    2.If the supporting material is less than 3 pages (including 3 pages), it must be uploaded in picture format, and the picture must be clear and moderate in size。More than 3 pages, you must make a number of supporting material pictures into a PDF file upload, because too much content, can not be made into a PDF file upload, you can make multiple PDF files upload。

    3.Education, degree certificates, professional and technical qualifications, professional and technical employment certificates, continuing education certificates, search pages and other related materials must be in picture format, and it is strictly prohibited to upload PDF files。Certificate materials, only need to upload the information registration page, no need to upload the certificate cover。

    (14) Strictly implement responsibilities。All regions and units should strictly implement the main management responsibility system of "who recommends, who reviews, and who is responsible", conscientiously do a good job of job title declaration, review, publicity, and recommendation, and ensure that the job title review is open, just, and fair。If you encounter technical problems during system operation, contact system technical support。Matters not covered shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies and provisions of the national and provincial titles。In the course of work, if relevant policies are adjusted, the new policies shall be implemented。

    6. Contact informationOffice of Junior Title Evaluation Committee and Senior Title Evaluation Committee in Qinghai Province Archives Series (Provincial Archives Bureau)。

    Contact: Peng Jun Kang           电话:0971-8482466 

    Technical support :0971-8862365 15979952660  15500597407

Archives Bureau of Qinghai Province

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