Research project on preparation of active components and in vitro antioxidant of Caragana caragana
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Registration Number:9632021J0231

Topic source:Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province

Evaluation unit:Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province

Study start and end time:2018.1.1 -2020.12.31

Evaluation Date:20201023

Unit of completion:Qinghai Provincial light Industry Research Institute limited liability company

Cooperation unit:Southwest University of Science and Technology

Mailing address:Xining Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province4

Contact person:王菲

Contact number:18697253187

Leading researchers:张艳珍、王菲、龙晓燕、毛海峰、迟明、朱嘉文、王亮、张东

    The resources and quality of Caragana caragana flower were investigated, its physical and chemical components were studied, its active components were extracted and separated, and its antioxidant was studied in vitro,A set of key operating points and technical parameters for extraction, separation and purification of active components of Caragana caragana were established,A research method and evaluation system for antioxidant of active components of Caragana caragana in vitro were developed,It provided theoretical basis and data support for the preparation of high value-added products of Caragana caragana,Publish a paper4篇。