Qinghai Institute of Light Industry Co., Ltd. successfully held the "2023 Qinghai Province Agricultural Product Processing Technology Training Meeting"
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    9On the 25th, with the strong support of the Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province, our company relied on the project of "Research and Demonstration of green quality preservation drying Technology of Plateau Characteristic Biological Resources", and successfully held the"2023年度Qinghai Province agricultural products processing technology training meeting”。Conference invitationDr. Xie Yongkang, Agricultural and sideline Products Processing Research Center, Henan Academy of Agricultural SciencesDr. Lee Sung-yeeTeaching, Qinghai University Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Qinghai University Academy of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Qinghai Huashi highland barley Biotechnology Development Co., LTD., Qinghai Kompu Biotechnology Co., LTD., Qinghai Muren Food Co., LTD., Duran Jinpendi Wolfberry cooperative and other units a total of 25 leading experts and industry colleagues participated。

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    The meeting opened under the auspices of the company's deputy general manager Chi Ming, first byDr. Xie YongkangShared the bookIntroduction to drying technology of agricultural productsMainly around the gas jet impact blanching technology, gas jet impact bulking (barbecue) technology, heat pump drying technology, carbon fiber far-infrared combined heat pump drying technology, microwave heat pump combined drying technology and other contents were explained from multiple angles and levels。Secondly fromDr. Lee Sung-yeeShared the bookApplication of drying technology in postharvest processing of agricultural productsMainly combined with the characteristics of agricultural and animal husbandry resources in our province, the development and practical application of drying technology were shared, so that students have a deep understanding of the importance of drying technology in the production and processing of agricultural products。After the sharing, our company's scientific researchers, experts and industry leaders are also targetedAgricultural product processing technologyRelated issues have been more in-depth exchanges。

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    This training has promoted the introduction, application and promotion of advanced processing technology outside the province, strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between colleges and universities, research institutes and production enterprises inside and outside the province, helped to improve the processing capacity of agricultural products in our province and improve the quality and efficiency of characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry, and laid a good foundation for the processing and utilization of agricultural products in our province。