The Party branch of Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. carried out the theme Party Day activities of "Feeling the original heart of the Party to gather the strength of the officers"
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    为深入开展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育,进一步加强全体党员党性修养,激发党员的工作热情,8月25日下午省轻工所党支部组织开展“感悟党的初心 凝聚干事力量”主题党日活动。

    活动中首先由党支部纪检委员单斌同志传达学习习近平总书记关于党的建设重要思想、习近平总书记关于严肃党内政治生活的重要论述、关于以学铸魂、以学增智、以学正风、以学促干等重要论述。Through reading and learning, we will lay a solid ideological foundation for the next high-quality thematic organization life。The party members said that they should resolutely implement the requirements of casting the soul by learning, increasing the wisdom by learning, promoting the wind by learning, and promoting the work by learning, and transform the results of theme education into a strong driving force for the development of scientific research business。We must carry forward the spirit of thorough self-revolution, examine and rectify the theme of education, and focus on solving the problem from the ideological root。

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    Subsequently, Party members were organized to watch the first episode of the documentary Journey,"Journey" is the central Plains in the Party's revolution, national construction, reform and opening up of the key historical figures, important historical events, classic historical symbols as the main line,Condensed "groundbreaking", "change the earth", "earth-shaking" and "earth-shaking" four chapters of history,With a large number of vivid and detailed historical documents,It reflects the great sacrifice, important role and great contribution made by Henan Province in the course of the Party's 100-year development。

    After watching, everyone said: through watching "Journey", once again in the spirit of the baptism and profound party spirit education。At present, it is necessary to carry out theme education as an important political task, invest in learning and work with strong political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness, and constantly promote the high-quality development of enterprises with more full work enthusiasm and constantly promote the construction of the company。

    In this Party Day activity, we take the perception of the Party's original intention as the main line, gather the strength of officers, firm ideals and beliefs, grasp the direction, explore and innovate, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Party's original intention and mission。我们要通过深入学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,Review the development of the Party,Review the Party's original aspiration and purpose,Enhance Party members' sense of responsibility and mission,Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission,Believe through this activity,We will further enhance the spirit of Party members,We will further promote Party building and cause development。