The main leaders of Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. went to Golmud for research and study
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    In order to deeply understand the status quo of the development of the wolfberry industry in our province, we will steadily promote the scientific research work of our company and enhance the deep processing level of our province's characteristic agricultural and animal husbandry resources。On August 24, 2023, Zhang Dong, chairman of our company, went to Golmud for research and study, and conducted field visits to the planting, picking and processing of wolfberry. Chi Ming, deputy general manager of the company, director of research and development Department and relevant scientific researchers participated in the research。

    8On October 24, the research team went to Golmud Branch of Commscope Biotechnology Company for a visit and exchange。The company is mainly engaged in organic wolfberry planting, seedling breeding, wolfberry product processing and other work。The company's research team visited the wolfberry planting base and processing workshop, and communicated with the person in charge of the enterprise on processing technology, product development, standard formulation, and reached a good cooperation intention。

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    8On October 25, the research team went to Duran Jinpendi Wolfberry planting professional cooperative and Qinghai Xiangyu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange。Qinghai Xiangyu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nomuhong Wolfberry Industrial Park, Dulan County, Qaidam Basin。Relying on the advantages of Qaidam wolfberry resources, the company is a private industrial company integrating wolfberry research and development, planting, processing, sales and import and export trade。The company has 2,000 acres of organic wolfberry planting base, 3,000 square meters of standardized plant, 7,000 square meters of sunlight drying shed。Duran Jinpangdi Medlar planting professional cooperative is located in Nuomuhong farm, Dulan County, Qaidam Basin, mainly engaged in medlar planting, processing and sales。The research team respectively went to the two companies of wolfberry planting base, wolfberry dried fruit processing workshop for field visits, and the person in charge of the enterprise on the wolfberry dried fruit processing, drying equipment and sales of exchange and discussion。

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    Through this survey,My company in-depth understanding of my province wolfberry resources processing development status,Especially wolfberry planting, processing technology and equipment, product development and utilization,For my company in the plateau characteristic resources development and utilization,In particular, wolfberry resources deep processing, product standardization and other aspects have laid a good foundation,The company further consolidated the cooperative relationship with the province's excellent production and processing enterprises。In the next step, our company will combine resources inside and outside the province to strengthen the production and promotion of intensive processing products of agricultural and animal husbandry resources with characteristics of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and provide theoretical basis and technical support for science and technology to help the high-quality and sustainable development of agricultural and animal husbandry industries with characteristics of our province。