Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. participated in the 2023 Fun Games
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    In order to further improve the physical fitness of employees, enhance their sports awareness, and respond to the call of the country's "national fitness", on the afternoon of August 11, 2023, Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., LTDParticipated in由省The fun sports meeting held by the union of the national science and technology company。The games aim to promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and enhance the team consciousness and cohesion of employees。

    There are 6 individual events in this sports meeting, such as skipping on the finger board, the champion eating sugar, twerking Master and kangaroo hopping bag.Giant footsteps, a circle to the end, tug of war and other 3 group projects。Our company's employees actively signed up for various sports, and made full preparations before the competition. In the competition, the athletes of our company tried to play their strengths, encourage each other, exchange experience with each other, show their talents on the field, work hard and make progress, and achieved good rankings in three individual events。It is worth mentioning that in the tug-of-war competition, our employees fully carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, work together to meet the challenge, and show a strong will and fighting spirit。

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    The fun games not only let the employees exercise their bodies, but also enhance the understanding and communication between each other。The participants showed their youthful vitality and the power of teamwork through the competition, and showed the good image of the company's employees。It is hoped that through the participation of this fun sports meeting, we can further promote the construction of corporate culture and enhance the cohesion of enterprises and the sense of belonging of employees。In the future work, we will continue to carry forward the team spirit and make greater contributions to the development of the company。