Qinghai Institute of Light Industry Co., Ltd. successfully held the "2023 Qinghai Province Agricultural and livestock Resources Intensive Processing Technology and Product Development Training Meeting"
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    8On October 3, with the strong support of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology, our company successfully held the "2023 Qinghai Province Agricultural and livestock resources Intensive Processing Technology and Product Development Training Meeting" relying on the research and demonstration project of green quality preservation drying technology of Plateau characteristics biological resources.。The meeting invited Zhang Chunhui, doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Agricultural Product Processing of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Wang Jing, Secretary general of the Expert Committee of the Institute of China Prepared Vegetable Industry Alliance, to give lectures,By the Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences of Qinghai University,College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Qinghai University,Qinghai Huashi highland barley biotechnology development Co., LTD,Qinghai Commu Biotechnology Co., LTD,Qinghai Tuogu Biotechnology Co., LTD,Qinghai Muren Food Co., Ltd. and other units a total of 32 leading experts and industry colleagues participated。

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    The meeting opened under the auspices of the company's deputy general manager Chi Ming,First of all, Professor Zhang Chunhui shared the "Development and Thinking of Agricultural and Livestock Product Processing Industry Technology".,Mainly around the domestic agricultural and livestock product processing development status and problems, intelligent processing of agricultural products and personalized food creation, agricultural product processing to promote the revitalization of rural industry, prepared vegetable industry development mode and other contents were explained from a multi-angle and multi-level。Secondly, teacher Wang Jing shared "Introduction to Product Development and Sensory Evaluation Service" and "Application and Case of Sensory Evaluation in the development process of Vanilla Ice Cream Yogurt of Doll Head".,Adopt the method of theory explanation, case sharing, field practice and so on,Let the students deeply understand the significance of sensory evaluation system in food research and development, production and processing。After the sharing, our company's scientific researchers, experts and relevant leaders in the same industry also conducted more in-depth exchanges on issues related to the intensive processing of agricultural and livestock resources。

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    This training will help universities, research institutes and production enterprises in the province to have a deeper understanding of the development status, advanced technology and scientific means of the intensive processing industry of agricultural and livestock resources,Strengthen the exchange and cooperation between our scientific research team and experts outside the province and colleagues in the province,Provide a professional platform for local enterprises to exchange industry,It will lay a foundation for the development and utilization of high-value agricultural and livestock resources in Qinghai in the future。