The main leaders of Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Limited liability Company went to Yinchuan for research and study
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    To enhance the added value of our province's characteristic resources,Promote the sound development of industrial clusters,In-depth understanding of the development status of wolfberry industry,Learn from the advanced technology and valuable experience of outstanding enterprises outside the province in wolfberry processing,Steadily promote the scientific research work of our company,We will promote industry-university-research cooperation,July 26, 2023,Zhang Dong, chairman of our company, went to Yinchuan for research and study,Field inspection of wolfberry planting base, processing line and related supporting facilities,Chi Ming, deputy general manager of the company, director of the research and Development department and relevant scientific researchers participated in the survey。

    7On October 26, the research team went to Ningxia Lianqi Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange。The company is a national high-tech enterprise, "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly engaged in the research and promotion of alkali-free wolfberry products, intelligent alkali-free wolfberry drying equipment, sterilization equipment fresh fruit grading equipment and intelligent supporting equipment。The research team of the company visited and studied the wolfberry production line, intelligent processing equipment, wolfberry processed products, and communicated with the person in charge of the enterprise on processing technology, resource innovation, business cooperation and other aspects, and reached a good cooperation intention。


    7On October 27, the research team went to Ningxia Baofeng Ecological pasture and Ningxia Baofeng red wolfberry processing plant to visit and study。The company's research team first visited Baofeng Nongguang integrated wolfberry planting base, in the summer, in Baofeng Nongguang integrated industrial base, a photovoltaic panel, not only completed the energy conversion of light, but also became the blue "roof" of wolfberry.。"Above photovoltaic power generation, below ecological governance", has become a new "multi-use, agricultural light complementary" model, laying photovoltaic power generation devices above the crops, not only farming green agriculture, but also harvesting clean energy, to achieve the compound income of land。According to reports, the base has planted 10,000 mu of organic wolfberry, alfalfa and other crops。Each crop can be regarded as a "data" in the field - to promote the construction of modern agricultural planting standardization and quality traceability system。The wolfberries grown in the base have passed the certification of China's Good Agricultural Practices and obtained the organic certification of the European Union。Subsequently, the research team went to the production and processing workshop of wolfberry pulp for field visits, and exchanged and discussed with technical leaders on fresh wolfberry fruit, wolfberry pulp processing and utilization, product development, etc。

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Power generation on the board, wolfberry under the board ", agricultural light complementary, release multiple benefits。


    Through this survey,Our company has in-depth understanding of the development status of the whole industry chain of wolfberry resources outside the province, and the development and application of intelligent processing equipment,For the company in the plateau characteristic resources development and utilization,In particular, it has laid a good foundation for the in-depth processing of wolfberry resources, technological innovation and upgrading,Further consolidate our company's cooperation with outstanding production and processing enterprises outside the province。In the next step, our company will combine resources inside and outside the province, excellent scientific research teams, the introduction of advanced processing technology, based on the new development stage, practice the new development concept, continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, promote the scientific research work of our company to a new level, and help the high-quality development of agricultural and animal husbandry resources with provincial characteristics。