Based on sensory evaluation and instrumental analysis, volatile substances in Tanggut prickly prickly juice were identified
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Registration Number:9632023J0106

Topic source:Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province

Evaluation unit:Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province

Study start and end time:2021.1.1 -2022.12.31

Evaluation Date:2023224

Unit of completion:Qinghai Provincial light Industry Research Institute limited liability company

Cooperation unit:Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University

Mailing address:Xining Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province4

Contact person:王菲

Contact number:18697253187

Leading researchers:孟江飞、迟明、张艳珍、李光英、曹文秀、王菲、周先加、毛海峰、白家瑞、刘洋、许腾飞

    This study was conducted from the perspective of fruit flavor characteristics of different maturity and populations of Tangute Nitraria,The Tangute Nitraria of Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province was studied,sensorally,Combined with GC-IMS, GC-MS and GC-O techniques, volatile substances were isolated and identified in the fruits of Nitraria tanguta,The differences of volatile substances and aroma profiles of Tanggute Nitraria fruits with different maturity were compared.The components and contents of volatile substances in the fruits of Tangute Nitraria of different populations were analyzed,The contribution of volatile substances to aroma quality of Tanggute Nitraria fruit was analyzed with OAV,The components, contents and aroma characteristics of volatile substances in the fruits of Nitraria tanguta were analyzed。Through sensory evaluation and instrumental analysis, the volatile components of Tanggut prickly thorn juice were identified, which is of great significance for the subsequent food development of prickly thorn resources, especially the effective control of volatile substances in prickly thorn drinks and fruit wine, and the increase of comprehensive utilization and high value-added processing technology of prickly thorn。

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